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Feeder Frenzy Reptiles Arvada, Colorado


Mar 8, 2014
I found this place about two months ago. It is by far the best place I have been to in terms of care and pricing. Dave has been in the T hobby for 20+ years and does not like to sell things if you are not experienced enough. Their reptiles and amphibians are very well cared for. Dave breeds frogs and Jack breeds lizards and turtles as well as axolotl. Their cork is cheap and you can pick up large pieces for pretty cheap. Their cages are a bit expensive. They are vivarium oriented with a lot of stuff, mainly frogs. Feeder prices are a little less than standard. Reptiles are usually sold for a little cheaper than the competition. If you take a card you get 10% off your first purchase. I started helping out after school and the care that goes into both feeders and animals is far better than the other local places. Very knowledgeable and nice guys. Both Jack and Dave have some sort of degree in vet care.