Fat and happy!

Terry D

Old Timer
Nov 21, 2009
Hey all, How 'bout it? Are yours fat and happy, too!? {D

Well, you don't have to answer the fat part of the question (females, especially {D) but do they seem content? I've had a couple of escapees in the past but knock on wood, none seem to even try anymore. B boehmei are the only ones that occasionally ride the walls but even they just seem content. They all appear to thoroughly enjoy their grasses and dried leaves collected in the woods far from exposure to pesticides. I'm guessing there's a chance I could introduce parasites. However, I only collect the top or exposed portions of vegetation after the temps drop below freezing. I figure that way most unwanted organisms will be lower and buried closer to, if not in the ground.
The smaller G pulchra juvies and G iheringi frequently push their lids open with a gap enough to escape but never do. Speaking of G iheringi, it's flipped as I write this. The lid on that particular enclosure makes a noise when opening so I'll refrain from trying to photograph the occasion and leave it in peace.

Btw, Dozer (G. pulchra #7) still tries to climb onto my hand nearly every time I open the enclosure. I've experienced and tried other materials and she'll (hopeful) turn around and go back in- except she will climb onto next door neighbor G iheringi's enc. She'll stay on my hand and refuse to crawl onto other surfaces usually. This one appears to LOVE being held. Well, enough of the excess anthropomorphizing- hope y'all's are doing great, too! :)