eyesite sexing of Rosea


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Nov 10, 2002
any good nearly sure fire ways to sex Roseas at a glance ... ie. the males have greenish tinges or the females are way bigger ....
I have an intresting op to stuble into a breeding pair but I need to take my choice of two of three.

I explained to my girlfriend how I felt about collecting tarantulas and after a long conversation with her she finally goes (and i am paraphrasing) " so they are kinda like hockey cards? (or baseball cards for those who like that lousy sport) ", I thought about it and have been smiling since.




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Jul 17, 2002
are you talking mature Ts? If so, it's really easy...males have the 'tibial hooks' and enlarged palps, and the females don't ;)
If you are talking juveniles and slings, then the question becomes harder to answer.
I don't think AFAIK...that color or size are any kind of good indication of gender though.
It's easiest and more surefire with a molt at your disposal, but people that are really good at it, can turn a T over, and tell that way. The shape of the booklungs and the epigastric furrow (if it's there) can help.
If you like, I can send you a drawing that Rosemary Kraft made, that can help identify what gender a T is. That being said, it's iffy at best.
There are numerous threads that have addressed this that you might want to do a search on also. I have also posted the pic at one point, but don't remember the thread.