Experts on Raising SLINGS ... input please


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Aug 2, 2006
ok so i coped 3 slings from (GREAT GUY) ..
a mexicanredrump (moulted twice)
a king baboon (not moulted)
usum baboon (3 times!!!)
i bought these about a little less than 3 months ago

..ok i just wanted some input .. with the king baboon ... is this T really that slow of a grower??? i mean wow... and on top of it it doesnt eat much at all..
is theres somthing i can do ?

my us baboon.. theres no problem .. this thing right now is doing great .. bigger than a 50cent piece. how long untill this thing reaches the 2-3 inch line????

and my mex redrump (B.vagans) is doin ok .. its about the size of nickel .. how long untill mabey till it reaches 2 iches.. i completely understand that results vary and the same results are not typical.. but mabey you could give me a rough estimate?

it stays about 75-80 in my closet/bug room.... i mist the slings deli cup with one spray once a day.., except for the baboon. i moved him into a kritter keeper now .. but i still mist it once.. and also from what i understand .. you really should put the water dish in there untill there legspan reaches about 3 inches?? is that right?? ... im quite curious about these things since these are my first slings ive ever taken care of ..
thanks guys!!!


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Oct 10, 2006
my us baboon.. theres no problem .. this thing right now is doing great .. bigger than a 50cent piece. how long untill this thing reaches the 2-3 inch line?
I give the baboon around 4 to 6 months to reach 3 inches.


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Sep 17, 2004
C. crawshayi are not known to be great eaters and they grow painfully slow.


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Mar 2, 2006
I wouldn't really consider daily misting necessary with Brachys of any size.
Maybe once or twice a week to assist it with moults, but nothing crazy.

Size depends on how much it eats more than time. If you're looking to get them growing, powerfeed them. You can give them larger meals or feed twice a week. What I do is just freeze a cricket so its dead and then drop it in the slings vial. It'll eat what it wants and I pull the rest out with forceps. Pretty simple and easy way to get them a good meal, and you dont have to deal with pinheads!

But your brachy will probably take the longest (someone correct me if not).

Enjoy them! I love keeping from slings! You get to see them progress into an amazing animal, and its really a treat to experience.


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Feb 13, 2006
Oh I think in this case the baboon will grow slower then the Brachy. I had a few king baboons and they are very slow growers. Brachys in my opinion are not as slow of a grower as people make them out to be.

But as mentioned above misting is not needed with brachys that much, with brachy slings ill add some water in there once a week if that. Most oh what they need they get from the prey they eat till they are older and bigger then you would need to supply a water dish.


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Aug 9, 2006
I had one king baboon years ago, it took almost 4 years to grow to 3 inches, but I got it as a tiny sling, poss 3rd instar, very, very slow grower & not the biggest of appetites.
My B vagans took 12 years to mature as a male, yes 12 years, couldn't believe it, still got it downstairs, mated it with a 12 year old freshly moulted female, & she promptly re-moulted 8 weeks later !, prior to that she hadn't moulted for ages.
My T's tended to take a lot longer to grow as I kept them in a fairly cool room & fed them sometimes only monthly or more.