Exo Terra Invertebrate Terrarium


Feb 21, 2011
Ugh! At first this enclosure seemed pretty awesome, but as time goes on it is turning out to be a piece of junk.

- The small jungle plant that comes with it isn't all that great for arboreals to make web funnels on so I have to buy a second plant with broader leaves.

- The water dish comes with a foam pad to mitigate drowning, but in a high humidity enclosure that is a good place for mold to grow so I had to buy gravel to replace it. Then I find out that the water dish is either cracked or not water tight as the water just leaks out and into the substrate. I didn't figure it out right away and I ended up turning my spider's enclosure into a swamp!

- Exo Terra does not sell replacement screens for this unit. So if say, your cat decides it really wants one of the crickets inside the enclosure and jumps on top of it, thus smashing in the screen, you are basically S.O.L.

- There are big holes in the rear of the top that crickets can escape from that I had to tape up once I realized the problem.

- The price tag - $90!!!

There are a few positives about it, but they don't really outweigh the negatives I've experienced. Ugh! What a headache! Next time I'll go with a $10 critter keeper and some cork bark. Quite unsatisfied with this product.