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Everything Pets, Burnt Hills NY


Old Timer
Oct 20, 2006
Wow! They bought out our local pet store, Johnson's, and its such an improvement in the reptile department. The new owners breed leopard geckos, bearded dragons and crested geckos, and have quite a selection of sizes of each. They have various kings and corns, ball pythons, several different kinds of geckos and lizards and a few amphibians. They had some dwarf monitors that had a label saying they were not for sale, that you need to consult with the owners, which I found very responsible since they should not be an impulse buy! The only invert was a mature male rose hair tarantula, which one of the employees knew about, and knew about its limited lifespan so they wouldnt sell it to some unknowing person. Overall I was satisfied with the care the animals were getting, conditions seemed good with clean water dishes and correct lighting, the animals all appeared healthy. Of course they've only been in business about a month now, but so far so good. There are also fish and rabbits and some birds. I'm thinking about working there this summer.