Euthanization Question + A Little Story

What is the most humane method of invertebrate euthanization?

  • A swift blow or stomp is the most humane

    Votes: 23 50.0%
  • A few minutes in the freezer is a more peaceful way to go

    Votes: 20 43.5%
  • Euthanization is never humane

    Votes: 3 6.5%

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Jul 18, 2002
Originally posted by kellygirl
If their most heightened sense is touch, then is it possible that they could feel a higher degree of pain than we might experience?
i wouldn't think that a tarantula would experience a higher degree of pain than we do—humans have a remarkable sense of touch—especially on the hands (amongst other places). if tarantulas had a higher sense of touch than humans, then i don't think they'd keep trying to climb out of their enclosure, only to fall hard to the ground over and over again. also, take into consideration moulting and pre-moult. i've got a pretty wimpy pain threshold, and if i had to moult weekly, then monthly, then every six months and eventually every year, i think i'd off myself after the third moult.

that said, i believe you did the right thing by letting shaun's brother "take care of it."


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May 6, 2003
i talked about this in another thread. they've discovered that freezing is actually pretty painful for anything with fluid in the body because of ice crystal formation. anyone who's had frostbite can tell you it is NOT painless and numb.

CO2 is the most humane method suggested for mammals, birds, etc. of course, i think that the shots vets give are also definitely painless.

now, thwacking definitely doesn't always work with mammals.

however, i think THE most humane method for killing a T is definitely a swift crushing blow. the same with reptiles.

it isn't pretty, but it's instantaneous so you can be absolutely sure that the creature felt no pain.

i feel for you deeply kelly and i admire you for caring so much about the welfare of your animals. in my opinion you did the absolutely most unselfish and best thing for your bf's T.

bless you.