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euroscorpious carpathicus

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Seamus Gillespie, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Hi Guys, got given a present of 3 of these, and wasnt prepared as they were a suprise from a friend, finding fact sheets / care sheets is proving a challenge, couple of questions to hopefully help me get it right with these little beauties
    1) what sort of set up do i need for these (substrate, humidity, temperature)
    2) are they commumal?
    3) seeing as they are so small what is the best foods (will meal worms and micro crickets do) and how often should they be fed?
    4) will they appreciate leaf litter?
    5) do they bury or should i add hides (their containers they came in currently have only spagnum moss)
    6) should i add a water dish or will they get their liquid needs from live foods?
    7) should i make it a live biotope(ie: add springtails/wood louse) to the enclosure
    all help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Any help at all would be appreciated
  3. I'm not at all very familiar with the Euscorpius genus, but I could answer some of the questions.

    3- Small crickets should work great
    4- Most, if not all, scorpions enjoy leaf litter
    5- I'm unsure if they burrow, but you could add cork bark and leaves or them to hide under, and give them ample substrate to burrow should they want to
    6- You could, or you can spray them once in a while
    7- That's up to you, I'd do springtails personally
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  4. Thank you Terrena Laxamentum, will add more leaf litter then, a once a week misting do you think will suffice or more often, and will i just wet the surface of the substrate or soak it?
  5. Once a week should be good, I would just wet the surface.
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  6. Ok guys another important question, I noticed 6 scorplings by the mother this evening, how do I feed them to ensure their survival
  7. Separate them and feed them small food like fruit flies or maybe springtails.
  8. G. Carnell

    G. Carnell Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Are they on her back?

    Baby Euscorpius are very cannibalistic
    > they are not communal

    As for hides, they dont burrow but make 'scrapes' and enjoy stacked stones - this is common for the whole genus
    However the 'brown' species are often found under logs or in leaf litter vegetation
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  9. No not on her back, free fending for themselves by the looks of it
  10. RTTB

    RTTB Arachnoprince

    House separately and offer smaller prey.
  11. Euscorpius

    Euscorpius Arachnopeon

    Sorry to revive a somewhat "old" thread, but I think I can add useful information to the reader for proper husbandry.

    1) This is my standard Euscorpius tank. Peat or coco husk, and some pieces of bark or flat rocks to provide hides. Nothing more. I keep a wet side and a bone dry side, but I always find them on the dry side.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    2) In nature they are often found very close to eachother under the same rock, but it is better to keep them together only for mating purposes.

    3) Definitely mealworms. They can be fed every two weeks at room temperature. During the winter, as they should be kept at very low temperatures (15° C and below) it is not necessary to feed them.

    4) Not required, but sometimes it is present in their natural habitats.

    5) They just squeeze under rocks or logs.

    6) I tried adding a water dish, never seen them drink.

    7) You can do a naturalistic setup in a bigger tank with plants on the wet side, but then you will never see your scorpion again. Woodlice will be eaten; they can also be dangerous for the scorpion when molting. Springtails are ok.
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