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Euathlus sp. "Yellow"


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2009
• Status - Success

• Genus - Euathlus
• Species - sp. "Yellow"
• Date female moulted last - 18/08/11
• Date male matured - Unknown
• Last mating date - 03/09/11

• Mating behaviour -

The male was placed into females enclosure (03/09/11), courtship began immediately and the male hooked the female up, flipped her over and had his way. Copulation was all over in under five minutes or so then the male made his retreat.

• Tank conditions and temperatures before mating -

Both the male and female were kept at temperatures around 26°C during the day and with a drop to just under 20°C during the night. Both were kept on bone dry substrate with no added moisture apart from small water dishes.

• Feeding schedule before mating -

Female was fed one medium brown cricket per week.

• Tank conditions and temperatures after mating -

Same as before until female looked noticeably gravid (Jan). Then her enclosure was placed in a cupboard out of the spider room for approx 6 weeks (temperatures between 12-18°C).

After this period the female was moved back into the spider room, soaked and well fed.

• Feeding schedule after mating -

Fed two medium crickets per week until moved into colder cupboard then not fed for approx 6 weeks (until moved back into the spider room).

• Date eggsac produced - 16/06/12
• Date eggsac removed/hatched - 19/07/12 (Removed all were N1)
• Development times of nymphs - 29 Days (from when the eggsac was removed)
• Total number of spiderlings - 214

• Additional notes

Some photos of the pairing, nymphs & 1st instars.

Pairing 03/09/11

Eggsac when removed (N1) 19/07/12


1st Instar 17/08/12