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Escorpiones de Costa Rica Scorpions - by Carlos Viquez


Old Timer
Jun 26, 2003
This translates in English to "Scorpions of Costa Rica". Very fun book, it is in English and Spanish and has much valuable information.

The only problem is it is 10 years old, and there have been some updates to some of the species in the book (the updates can be found easily online, try the Euscorpius journal for instance). It is also entirely out of print. You cannot buy a new copy of this book.

Your best bet for picking it up is searching amazon for used copies every so often, that's how i got my copy a few years back AND used it was only $6.

Well worth the buy for any scorpion fan with an interest in Central American scorpions, at the cost it is a steal.

(Tip: search for it by its ISBN number which is ISBN 9968702218)

hopefully they reprint it at some time in the future.

the extra "Scorpions" at the end of the title is an obvious typo.

i also should mention that there are actually only 14 scorpion species described in the book, but they are thorough descriptions, with color photos, and distribution maps.