Escape artist


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2003
Yesterday I went and purchased one of those small plastic critter holders for my A. chalcodes sling,thinking it may like a change of habitat.I put in appr 1 inch of 50/50 verm/peat mix and a half of a small plastic pot for a retreat.Everything was good and it seemed to like it.I left it out on the endtable next to my comp.I got up this morning,was sitting at my comp having my morning java and decided to see how it was doing.To my amazement and sudden panic it was not in the container.Frantically I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my flashlight and a spoon for a closer inspection.First plan was to remove the shelter and see if maybe it had burrowed.I carefully sifted through the substrate and nothing.It was gone.Some how it managed to escape.Don't ask me how but it did!Now I began searching with the flashlight around all the objects on the endtable.Nothing.Now was time for the underside of the table.Now I'm not a small guy.5'11" 210 lbs.Here I am trying to look for this tiny sling under an endtable 6:30 in the my underwear.Must have been quite the checking every nook and cranny there it was...tucked up in one of the corners.I reached up into the corner and gently nudged it with my finger.It crawled onto my finger and then onto the back of my hand.Now to get back out from under the table and not loose the sling again.Took me a few minutes and a couple tricky manuevres I hadn't been able to do since I was 20 yrs old and we were out from under.I quickly transferred the sling from my hand and into it's original DELICUP...where it's going to remain for quite some time.An hr has passed and the sling seems to have recovered from the ordeal actually think the sling rather enjoyed it's little careful on how you house your T's...they are definitely escape artists.If there's a way out...they're sure to find it.....peace..


Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
Great story.
Sorry but I have the giggles from the visuals.
I know it's a heart racer when you realize someone went walkabout...
Glad you found it!


Old Timer
Mar 14, 2003
My Avicularia metallica sling is a potential escape artist. Luckily it has an ungodly fear of my finger and will shrink back into it's deli cup when I feed it crickets. And my Chaco seems to think it's an arboreal for some odd reason. I have to be quick about feeding it. I have a feeling once the Chaco gets bigger it will want to be handled alot. I can just see it now.


Celestial Spider
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Feb 13, 2003
...Sorry but I have the giggles from the visuals.

Me too~:0)

Glad you found your little friend though:)

I just recieved a package yesterday from
USA Plastics, they are pill bottles.
The 6oz. size, clear with a screw on top.
Perfect for your little escape artist.
I plan to get some really tiny T's and
would hate to have to look for them..:eek:
Around here they'd be lucky to survive an
outting like that. I have a cat and 2 dogs!:eek:


Old Timer
Jan 23, 2003
I know what you mean.. i have a good 5" T, and theirs a knot hole in the piece of dead cactus i have, seemed like its 1 1/2 inches around.. and it fit through it :eek:
Scared me at first... i have NO idea how it fit allll those legs and everything in.. so now i sit and ponder about the size of the T and all the slits and holes in the critter keeper for 25 mins before i transfer :rolleyes: