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Ephebopus rufescens


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2003

Bit on the butt by an appr. 2" E.rufescans.I was digging it out of it's burrow when it ran up my hand,arm,shoulder then down my back and yes then down the crack of my butt..all in the blink of an eye..lol..I stood up as slowly quick as I could and dropped my pants but not before it bit my butt cheek.It then ran across to my hip where I managed to capture it under a delicup before it made it as far as my guys..lol..now there's a place you don't want to get bit..lol..Anyways..the bite.Nothing serious..a little burning/itching for a few minutes and then gone.Redness of the butt cheek in the area of the bite for a day.Other than that..very mild bite...bee sting is worse.Coincidently though...I slept very well that night and I usually don't sleep all through the night....peace..