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Ephebopus murinus (Skeleton Tarantula)


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Nov 10, 2006
I think that I probably should have seen this comming~ I was doing a bit of Cage maintence (picking up B.Dubai pieces ::Smirks::) this morning auround 0800 MST when My E.Murinus female (4" or so) went right to her defensive posture. She was clear at the oppisite end of the tank (figure about a 20q Sterilite tub..They work GREAT for T Enclosures!) And I was moving a bit of the Drift wood/cork bark hides auround before she took up perminate residence in it. Not only was she like a greased lightning bolt, but she jumped from the far back right corner up to the left corner (where I was moving the hides) and Then Snap! her fangs sank into my left thumb. It felt like being poked with a hot needle to be honest, there wasn't any immediate pain or swelling in the general area and I dont feel sick at all. The bite doesnt hurt at all anymore (1130MST now) so Im pretty sure that I caught a dry bite, Still got tagged and I probably should have seen it comming!

It's 1630 right now and Nothing, not even an itching sensation...Had a bit of a headache for about an hour, Nothing that advil didnt take care of...Definatly probably was a bit of a dry bite....
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