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Ephebopus cyanognathus


Old Timer
Jan 26, 2004
Well today I made a decision to open my E cyano egg sac and it seems to be all good.
I think she has had the egg sac a lot longer than what I originally thought.

Here are by notes if anyone is interetsted


25/01/2005Mated with Anthony Dudleys male

Laid an egg sac.

found egg sac abandoned outside fems burrow all black and moldy

found the female sitting on a second egg sac. I hadn't checked on her a couple of weeks prior to this so egg sac must have been made in the last couple of weeks.

04/06/05 @ 09:08pm
she is sitting at the top of her burrow and left the sac down in her chamber. i hope there is nothing wrong with it

04/06/2005 @ 10:38am
she is back carrying her sac so I'm a bit relieved.

I opened the egg sac today to discover nymph 2 stage so all in all a good sac
I counted about 82 roughly and not one bad egg. I think she has had the egg sac longer than what I originally thought.


Here are some photos to go with it

The egg sac as soon as I pulled it

I cut a small hole in it

Look at them all spill out

The empty egg sac. Not one bad egg

Loads of E cyano nymph 2 stage roughly about 82

A crappy close of of one of the nymphs the best my camera can do

here is also an additional photo of the female with her egg sac to show


Old Timer
Jul 2, 2008

This report is long past due. Partly due to me not keeping very good records.
I'll try to be as detailed as possible. I kept the females setup pretty moist throughout the whole process. I also kept the incubator pretty moist at all times as this sp. is considered a swamp like sp.

Paired: A couple of times between 9/09-10/09.

Sac laid: Don't remember exact date, but it was between 11/12/09-11/14/09.

Sac pulled: 12/1/09

Eggs with legs: 12/18/09

1st instars: 12/30/09

2nd instars: 2/5/10 Final count 53 2i out of 94 eggs.

I'm thinking I pulled the sac too early and not all of the eggs got fertilized. Either way I consider this a successful breeding.
Eggs with legs

1st instars

2nd instar


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Apr 6, 2005

Paired: 4-1-2010

Male attempted to mate with female and female ran.

Paired: 4-8-2010

Female and male began chasing each other and some contact was made but, no visible insertion.

Paired: 4-15- 2010

Female hooked up with male and tried to grab male on retreat.

Paired: 4-22-2010

Male killed by female. Hopefully he did the job before she killed him. (They where both inside the burrow for 30 minutes before he was killed on retreat)

Will update if a sac is laid.


Old Timer
Jul 2, 2008

The female was paired off and on for a couple months between 10/10 and 12/10. Sac was laid on 3/6/11 and was pulled on 3/30/11. At this point most of what was in the sac were eggs but there were a few EWL's sprinkled in there too. 1st instar was reached on 4/5/11 and 2nd instar on 5/9/11. Incubator temps were kept between 70-80 degrees and although the humidity was never measured I think it's safe to assume it was close to 100%. I haven't taken a final count but I think it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 100.