Enclosure peace of mind, help?


May 17, 2020
I have been keeping wild caught invertebrates for maybe two years now, I am especially intrigued by centipedes.

My problem is I have no peace of mind with escape proofing my centipede enclosure. Although I have never had an escaped bug, the fear of an escaped centipede is vivid and sometimes keeps me up at night.

Here are my predicaments: A plastic shoebox style enclosure is what I am currently using. Now if the sides are taller than the centipede, is that escape proof? I know from my experience with snakes that the lids for these plastic boxes are not escape proof. So can you put a 'pede in a plastic box with tall sides and not worry about escape via the lid?

Another question I have is using glass aquariums or critter cages. Centipedes can climb the silicone on the corners and access the lid/tank interface? Is that true? If that is the case you could not put a small centipede in a 10 gal fish tank with a screen lid. Even if the screen lid is locked down I think a small pede could find a way out.

Another option is glass food containers with a watertight gasket on the lid. Does anyone use these? Thanks for comments.


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Dec 29, 2012
Centipedes are widely known for being talented escape artists. If they try for long enough, it's definitely possible for them to climb to the lid of an enclosure if it's height is just above their body length. Your best bet is to use something with very small holes in the lid so they can't fit through. That being said, if you provide enough space and hides, your centipede would be more likely to burrow than attempt to climb. Some people might keep them in critter keepers and more generic vivariums but in my opinion it's better to be safe than sorry.


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Apr 16, 2020
For small centipedes I just use a good size jar with a mesh lid, works pretty well for me. 😃