Enclosure help


Apr 9, 2011
So my spider has been IDed (by one person so i hope they're right..images here: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=206072 ) as a chilobrachys huahini and i've tried researching about how its enclosure should be. Seems they are aboreal or terrestrial, and I've got mine setup in a terrestrial setting. I don't think it likes it, as I've read they're quite prolific burrowers and webbers. Mine hasn't laid a thread of webbing, or dug at all.
I'm going to modify its enclosure to be an aboreal setting, to see if it changes tactics. It doesn't seem too bothered about where it is just now (eats crickets a lot(when i'm not looking, i put in 3 last night and they're gone) and also gets super defensive when i'm in there adding water to the dish or removing stray cricket legs), i'm just trying to make it more comfortable.
Anyone got any advice? I'm not too sure about what types of wood i can
and cannot use. Right now there's a few live plants in there, a rock shelter that it uses rarely and a water dish. I'm just thinking about whacking in some bits of branch/wood for it to climb about on.
Methinks this is a good idea as i've seen it trying to climb the living plants but they're too weak to support it.
Also, I've seen pictures on here of tarantulas clinging to the walls of their tanks, not sure if they're glass or plastic. Mine can't do this. This normal for this kind of T?
Thanks, i hope i get some replies from people who know the score. Cheers!