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Emperor scorpion - where to place heat mat

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Shadowstar1706, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Ive heard many conflicting ideas on where to place a heat mat and want to hear your guys opinions on it. I just picked my first emp today and put the mat underneath the tank because that’s what the store owner recommended, she said that the scorpion will go to the cool side if it felt hot.
  2. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoking Old Timer

    Underneath the tank is the worst place for it. Scorpions will borrow to avoid the heat, right into the heat mat ...
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  3. I’d recommend having one hide on each end of the enclosure and putting the mat on one of the sides of the enclosure near a hide. that way it can use it if it needs to, or move to a cooler side if not. but I would never recommend putting heat mats underneath the tank because in the wild, scorpions usually burrow deeper into the substrate to get away from the heat, so if the heat source was on the bottom you could end up roasting the scorpion as it was trying to get away from the heat.
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  4. Most snakes/reptiles will do that, as they have the intelligence to determine where the heat comes from. However, scorpions/arachnids really are built on instincts alone. If it is too hot, they dig down, regardless of if it gets hotter doing it. In this way, they can kill themselves trying to escape the heat. IMO, you probably don’t need the heat mat. Scorpions do well in room temp (72-75), and thrive. But, if you NEED it, then high on one side is the best spot :)
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  5. SonsofArachne

    SonsofArachne Arachnoangel Active Member

    Under a reptile cage.
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  6. SonsofArachne

    SonsofArachne Arachnoangel Active Member

    I don't use heat mats with inverts - period. For my desert scorpions and B. lats I use ceramic heat lamps - during the day for scorps, and 24/7 for B. lats. For everything else (including non-desert scorps) room temp works just fine.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  7. darkness975

    darkness975 dream reaper Arachnosupporter

    If you have to use one, then on the back/side on one side of the Enclosure. Never on the bottom.
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  8. Arthroverts

    Arthroverts Arachnoprince Active Member

    Yes, put it on one side of the enclosure to create a temperature gradient so the scorpion can choose what temperature it wants, and put the mat on the side of the cage, not on the bottom.

    Hope this helps,

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  9. Willa

    Willa Arachnopeon

    Mat on the side with enough hides scattered around so they can choose the comfiest temp. Pet store advice is usually pretty bad, though I have seen a few big brand stores really kick up the quality of their animal care.
  10. Mikedefran

    Mikedefran Arachnopeon

    Two hides. One on each side. One heat mat on the SIDE of the tank near one of the hides.
  11. ShyDragoness

    ShyDragoness Arachnobaron Active Member

    Maybe that'd work for you in ohio.. But in the uk that's just not possible. I lost a H petersii I'd raised for over a year because someone told me heatmats were useless.
  12. Dry Desert

    Dry Desert Arachnobaron Active Member

    You are quite right @ShyDragoness - unfortunately some people - mainly " newbies " - do take the advice given on this WORLD WIDE forum. We do not all live in Ohio or on the Texas border @SonsofArachne DO NOT generalize and make sweeping statements concerning room temperatures,- and you keep your " non- desert " scorpions like Emperors from Africa, and Asian Forests at room temps. - nice one !!
    @WeightedAbyss75 DO NOT advise people to keep scorpions at 72 - 75 F. ( 21 - 23 C ) We are not talking poxy Centruroides here that you can pick off the sidewalk - try keeping true arid scorpions at those temps. and you will have the normal returning phrase 2/3 months later " HELP my scorpion is not looking too good and was okay".
    Mind you that's probably why the majority of European keepers / breeders don't take too much notice of advice on this forum, if they even bother to join it, - it's the unfortunate new keepers that need advice that do take notice of your REALLY BAD GOOGLE TYPE CARE SHEETS that worry me !!
  13. SonsofArachne

    SonsofArachne Arachnoangel Active Member

    I've heard that European keepers could be arrogant and they think no non-European keepers know anything of value. Are you trying live up to that stereotype?
    For record I've heard of people killing Asian and African scorps using heat mats - because soil moisture is more important to them than heat. So please keep your heat mats in Europe, where they belong.
  14. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    This is exactly what I do, works great. I place a small part of a hide next to where the heat mat is placed. They will move right next to it, sit there for hours, then move away. I don't attempt to heat the whole terrarium. But that room is warm as it is.
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