Emperor Scorpion *PICS*

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Feb 3, 2003
Hi everybody this is my 1" Pandinus imperator, she/he is very cute, its name is Shadow! My brother James (T-Lover) bought it for me at the Michigan Reptile Show! and I love it! Do P.imperator burrow? and any other info will be appreciated! Thanks!



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Aug 20, 2002

Hello David,

Welcome to the wonderful world of inverts! I see James is no longer the only invert keeper there, nice to see it becoming a family affair. Ofcorse as you know if you have any questions were only a few key strokes away.;)

My Emps never borrow, instead the just use hides that I provide for them. I use a peat/vermiculite substrate mix, about 60/40. They like to be on a moist substrate, and if I'm forgetful and let it dry out they will soak in their water dish. Mine eat 1-2 crickets per week, and some like meal worms too. I keep my emps in the upper 70's and they seem to do fine at this temp range. I don't think I've forgotten anything. If you have any more questions just ask.

The Spaz

Jan 28, 2003
You need to get the book "Scorpions by Manny Rubio! Emperor Scorpions do burrow. I have 4 of them and the burrow into the peat moss, coconut shell and tropical forest mixture I use for substrate. The substrate is 4-5 in. deep. Emperor Scorpions do well in temps of 85 to low 90's with high humidity as they are a native to tropical Ghana.So in closing are the ideal conditions for your newly acquired emperor scorpion:

1. Forest tropical environment
2. You should use peat moss and potting soil
3. Temperature between 85-low 90's w/high humidity
4. Mist 1-2 times weekly and provide a water dish.

If anyone else has anything to add please do so.

Have fun!


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Aug 16, 2002
I've found that adults may or may not burrow. This probably depends on the conditions of the cage. If the scorpion is comfortable with a hide, they may not do anything else. I've also had emps who didn't burrow for months suddenly decide to start moving dirt. Since adults don't molt, they're proabbly a little less senstitive to humidity than the young 'uns.

I feel that babies benefit from having a burrow in moist soil. I've noticed that they usually molt while sealed in a burrow. I would definately give your scorp the opprotunity to burrow, even if it chooses not to take advantage of it. You could always start a burrow with your finger and the scorp may expamd on it.

Good luck!