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Emp Behavior

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by mrbonzai211, Nov 18, 2008.

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    I've had my emps for 2 months now and they dont seem to want to go anywhere near their hides. They're adult male/female pair and they just sit there side by side in the front corner of the 10 gallon I got for them. I check on them night and day and they always seem to want to stay in the same place. They eat well and act like perfectly healthy scorpions except that they aren't even close to acting like the pet holes they're made out to be. I have them on cocofiber with PVC, drift wood, and flower pot hides. Their water bowl is substantial and I'm keeping the humidity at 75% and the temps above 70. And on a side note, i believe the female is gravid. Can anyone see anything I need to change or am I just lucky to have emps that are visible 24/7?
  2. All tanks have a gradient to them as far as heat and humidity go.

    Is the corner that they stay in the warmest? and is the warmest 70°F? If so raise the temps to 85°F on the high side, maybe even 88°F.

    Humidity is a visual/tangible observation, is the ground damp to the touch and damp to a depth of several inches? can you squeeze some drips of water from a clump? Does a squeezed clump stay clumped when you open your hand? then humidity is good.

    Also do you maintain an air exchange?, I would open my lids on my tanks for 1 to 2 hours a night to exchange the air so that it would not get stagnant and/or grow moulds.
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