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Eman (Emmanuel)


Staff member
Sep 9, 2004

I purchased two adult female C. lamanai from Eman, he contacted me about them and offered them to me at a great price so I couldn't refuse! He then held on to them for me until the weather improved. He sent them out my way with another order for Avery Exotics allowing me to save greatly on shipping. My girls arrived healthy and not too happy lol! A great experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eman to anyone.:)


Hulk Smash
Old Timer
Oct 4, 2005
I have had the opportunity to deal with Eman since around May of this year. He is single handidly increased my collection of inverts..two-fold. When it comes to his animals there is only one word to sum it up......quality. His packing is excellent..as are his prices. He is willing to negotiate and is flexible with payment options. It is evident when talking with him he has a true passion for these animals and strives to educate others. I highly recommend him.




Mar 3, 2011
Positive! Thanks eman

I received a mature female P. murinus from eman in April, but couldn't find the correct thread to post in at the time and forgot to leave a review until now. Emmanuel was great to buy from. Pricing and communication were excellent. The tarantula arrived healthy and active, and she is absolutely stunning.

However, I'm worried I may have been sent a dud OBT... I haven't received a single threat posture from her yet. Either she's broken, or I'm not poking her hard enough. :rolleyes: