Eggs?? Need help identifying!


May 4, 2019
04BED7E1-6FC0-42D9-85AF-B05EA186E355.jpeg 07682E14-6D95-48B6-B16C-A8E2E15BD4E6.jpeg I was doing some maintenance in my bumblebee millipede enclosure and moved one of my decorations to find my girl curled up under it surrounded by these? I can only assume they’re eggs but I’m not sure what kind? I doubt they’re hers as she’s living alone & is still very small but you never know, she is still fairly new to me! Not sure if I should keep or get rid! Thanks for any help :)

EDIT: Also an add on! If they are some how hers, does anyone have any advice on caring for the eggs/babies, should I keep them with her or separate them? I can get extra materials ASAP if need be my tank is fairly big so I do kind of worry about them getting lost or me losing them and accidentally keeping a few and having a never ending egg cycle
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