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ECU for true spider P. fera sling.

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by wolfs79, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Anyone have any tips on doing a intensive care unit for true spiders? I have a phoneutria fera sling not eating and it's getting thin don't see how it could be dehydrated but it's possible since it's not eating.

    It's in a vial with moist substrate but not sure why it stopped eating it's to thin to be in premolt.

    I realize there is a good chance it wont make it but figured maybe there is one more thing I could try.

    I put it in a real small vial with a prefilled cricket mashed it up a little to see if it would try to feed that way.
  2. Stefan2209

    Stefan2209 Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Doesn't sound good. You're really having a bad streak with those.

    I wish you and the sling best of luck!

  3. Yeah going to be tough to get it to pull through sadly I will be down to one left.

    I have tried everthing pinhead crickets as far as food goes its setup is fine so that's not it.

    Thanks for your reply.
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