E.Trigonopodus' gonopodes


Old Timer
May 21, 2005
Hey guys, at this very moment, i have my three Ethmostigmus Trigonopodus Yellow Legs adults in front of me and i was trying to find a dimorphism to try and mate them eventually... well i think i found something!!!!

My biggest specimen, around 6'' has a pretty large last tergite and i actually see two long gonopodes that are around 4mm long!!!! I also notice that it's tergites are kinda large in comparison of my two others, which have their pleural membrane almost comming out ( hehe, they're really fat!!!! ).

On the two smaller specimens, around 5'', i actually saw three spikes, like gonopodes, which could probably explain the ''Tri-Gonopodus'' name... Anyways, i'm very glad of the discovery of those two tiny leg-like gonopodes on my bigger specimen.

E.Trigonopodus owners, can you please do me a service and check your adults' buts? It's for SCIENCE!!!! :).