E. javanica caresheet and interesting behavior


Oct 21, 2012
So, as i have these roaches for quite a time now i'd like to share with you what i've learned. :)

Their most typical setup should be glass or plastic terrarium WITH lid, as they can climb glass. Put some substrate(1-2") in the bottom along with eggcrate/bark so they can hide. Soak one edge with water so it keeps humidity up, also, cover most holes because they thrive in >85% humidity. They are partially communal(i'll explain this a bit later) so they could use some extra space, not the typical roach setup where you put them 100 in some small space. The ootheca realisation % is very high if you keep the humidity up and feed hem well(almost 100%). Oothecas can have up to 40 little nymphs and females carry them inside of her, they are ready to reproduce at 1 1/2". The adult grow up to 2 1/2". They can produce hissing sounds. Food is typical roach food, dog/cat food all the time and fruit/veggies every few days.

One interesting thing i noticed about my colony(and the reason why i said earlier they are partially communal) is that, when female release ootheca and little ones emerge, they form 2 groups. One group is "big" guys(>1"), other group is "small" guys(<1"). So that means big ones start to rearrange interior and make their place one side/corner of terrarium(usually the best spot and use the best interior things, eg. take the eggcrate with them, lol) not letting small ones near and letting them all by themself. They are not cannibalistic though. They have their own hierarchy among adults too, in my case the biggest female have the main word. They mark they territory by waving butts left-right and hissing.

I hope i got your attention with this post, so you get few by yourself and enjoy this beautiful roach specimen. I keep them highly visible because they have really nice colors. Also, they are very good handlers, and they like to explore when you take them out of tank, they walk medium speed all the time.

Bonus poicture of my guys(that corner is small guys erritory)

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Dec 10, 2006
A very pretty species. Nice caresheet! I'm always surprised how many babies they produce too and females will have follow-up clutches only after a few months.