Dubia and discoid diets


Old Timer
Jan 23, 2006
OK this may seem odd but i have come to an intresting conclusion here. I believe that these roaches at least , can do well by eating only peat moss and left over T food lol
Ok it sounds odd I know but check this out

I fed some dubias to my juvie A. seemani when i first got them. They were small about 1/2 inch. I cleaned out his cage and found several molted skins of the nymphs and a rather large about 1.25" nympha buried in the substrate of 100% peat moss.

THEN i cleaned out one of the centipedes enclosures and found 2 roach nymphs in there and a lot of molted skins lol WHATS UP WITH THAT lol
they obviously did well enough to molt and survive in there ...