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Dorsal aspects/hints for sexing lg. T. blondi?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Terry D, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Hi all, I recently acquired a large indiv. T. blondi from a local importer. He's had it on 1-2 ad mice a week until it molted about a month and a half ago. I've fed it 2 since obtaining but have fasted it for 2 weeks- about to get some adm dubia. The spider appears around 9" to 10" dls although looks are deceiving as the front legs appear just shy of 5, prosoma a little over 2", opisthosoma just shy of 3" front to rear and somewhat chunky, rear legs just shy of 4.5". It doesn't often stretch out or "pokie stance". Recently I decided to softly, but firmly pinch-grab and have a look below. Like a moron, I forgot the flashlight. Spider room light is low. The spider stridulated much and struggled at first but rapidly calmed in my grasp. The spider appeared somewhat male by epiandrous fusillae- but I'm a noob on that. However, the pedipalps, which were looked over well, appeared to be narrower toward tips and lacking any male deco. The spider molted in his care once and exuvia was given thereafter to a friend to show off. I got spider shortly after. Overall, the specimen is rather chill and post-molt colors deep, warm, brownish black. I refuse to stress it further by grabbing, Any tips? Terry D.
  2. cobaltbrew

    cobaltbrew Arachnosquire

  3. Long-time keepers? I know you're out there.......

    Thanks Cobaltbrew, I've looked at that thread on several occasions. No replies are much help at this time. I was hoping at least one of the long-time blondi keepers on the boards might have some HINTS for DORSALLY sexing- if at all possible? Come on, I know y'all are out there............ Thanks,
  4. TheHolyToast

    TheHolyToast Arachnosquire

    I'm not a long term blondi owner, but there is a huge difference between the adult males, and females ventrals. For males the dark triangle is a big give away. Probably one of the easiest species to ventrally sex IMO.
  5. Fran

    Fran Arachnoprince

    + 1 ;)....
  6. Jilly1337

    Jilly1337 Arachnoknight

    One that big should be pretty obvious. The males will have a definite dark triangle and females have an obvious flap. My BF has sub-adult specimens of each sex and there is no mistaking it.

    Here is a very helpful link with pics, IMO. Good luck.

  7. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Hmm....I may qualify as a long time Theraphosa keeper, but I think your question is not one that can be answered as you desire. This species is not considered to be dimorphic before maturity, so the males and females will appear the same. As stated above, without a molt, the only reliable way to determine sex is by ventral sexing. Sadly the color is not a clue (as it is with Poecilotheria sp.)
  8. Thanks, and tentatively male.

    Thanks y'all,

    By the replies received thus far + what I observed ventrally, including palp shape, I'm leaning toward subad. or penultimate male. The dark triangle appeared obvious from memory. I'm also taking into consideration the difficulty of differentiating subad. The spider's getting only slightly hollow in the butt since I've given it a break from feeding + the mice- it absolutely refused crickets before and would just flick 'em away. Now it jumps toward any movement in the enclosure. I'll have 50 adm dubia for it to begin fattening up on soon. Maybe we'll have a giant indeed after next molt. 'preshate y'all.

  9. Jilly1337

    Jilly1337 Arachnoknight

    The palps will be the same until the male reaches its ultimate molt. Only then with the bulbs be visable.

    I'd love to see pics.
  10. Possible prospect........

    Forgot to mention, + it'll likely be a possible mm for an interested breeder out there- providing I can't locate/afford a sizeable female for it. I'll keep y'all posted.

    I'm a cyber-moron in many respects. I haven't upgraded to digital since I got rid of my Canon EOS 1 N 8 years ago. I have photos from late nov. of G. pulchra and B. boehmei, 2 indivs of each spp. on disc, taken by a friend, but don't know to send or convert to photo thread. All have grown much since. I haven't taken any recents of those or any of my other spids obtained in early Dec. Will do so once I figure it out....................................T
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