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Don Cadle - Phids.net (Salticstance)


Jul 22, 2013
Well I ordered one Phidippus regius female jumping spider from him on Friday of last week (if my memory serves me correctly) and because of the bad weather at the time he delayed shipping until Monday, but Monday was a holiday, so it was delayed once more until Tuesday, which I was fine with as it was in the best interest of the spider. When it was shipped, however, it took 4 days to actually get to me even though it was 3-day priority shipping, which was a little stressful but this part wasn't his fault. When the package finally arrived the spider was definitely alive and well, webbed up securely in the end of the vial that had a small hole in it. The packaging was a small box with newspaper crumpled around the vial that contained the spider. My one problem with this whole transaction is that after putting the spider in her new home she doesn't seem to be able to climb the sides of the plastic jar and I'm not sure why. Hopefully she'll recover nicely in time though, and for the time being I put some sticks in her jar to help her climb since she can handle rough surfaces.

Thanks Don!


Old Timer
Oct 27, 2007
Trouble climbing

Hi Spepper. Thanks for the positive review. I'm sorry to hear about the shipping times. I'm a bit concerned about your spider. If she was in a sac when you received it, and now it's having difficulty climbing, it may be preparing to molt. If this is the case, and it's not in a sac, the spider may have complications molting. My suggestion would be to put it back in the small container that it was shipped in and see if it stays in that sac. If it does, you should just wait until a day after it molts to transplant it into the new container.
Typically, juvenile spiders have no problem getting around containers. When I packaged your spider, I picked out one of the largest and most active of the juveniles. I hope everything goes well. If you have any problems with her, just let me know.


May 30, 2014
Bought 5 spiders from www.phids.net ...review

I recently ordered five jumping spiders from www.phids.net and got them right on time via priority mail. I didn't know much about them and had a lot of questions. I noticed there was a facebook page and sent a message, within 5 minutes I ...had a response! It was such a nice change of pace to get immediate, helpful and professional customer service. Every time I had more questions, whether it be about behavior or housing or feeding, I got prompt exact responses. I ordered two orange and two of the gray & tan form females as well as a male, all of them Phidippus regius. All five were healthy when they arrived and are beautiful little specimens. The orange ones in particular really stand out. I was very pleased with every aspect of the transaction and will be returning to phids.net in the future for all my jumping spider needs. I just felt like I should say something for anyone who might be thinking about ordering from www.phids.net. Do it!



Oct 11, 2012
I ordered four jumping spiders and they arrived active, alive, and well-fed. There was some delay due to the spiders being too small at the time of ordering, but they were sent within a reasonable time frame.