Do Scorpions/Tarantulas need Light?


Jun 10, 2012
keepm in the closet

ok i understand the need to answer this question properly.
i myself work alot of shift work so all my windows in my room are blacked out & it is impossible to keep the lights on with my schedual so a timer is required for ALOT of my reptiles. though i only have 1 digital timer at the moment i run extension chords to where they need to go. but in my set up i have about a 5.5" chilean rose in my closet on the floor she doesnt see much light but as long as the door is left open she get a verry very Dim light, after alot of browsing and getting many educated guesses and studying my Ts and what they do normally. so here i have the answer, even though there are many different species of Ts sum active during the day sum at night, the truth is it doesnt matter they dont actually sleep but they do need there "time" they dont require direct light and they dont require 24/7 darkness thats just not right either.

none of my friends really understood why i had it but i hide my gold in her cage, lol sound familiar
seeing whats in the cage and knowing whats in the cage makes for a road less traveled.
"i gotta jar of diiiirrtt" ~ Capt'n Jack Sparrow:coffee:

who would have ever thought to hide your valuables in a secret compartment in a glass cage with a Tarantula the size of your hand, also works with giant african centipede, since they are normally a look dont touch species.
just some ideas for you guys


Aug 3, 2012
@smoment42: Interesting, but you did just resurrect a thread and tell everyone where you hide your valuables haha.

Interesting observation though.