Dissipating Heat


Staff member
Feb 22, 2013
This will be a short and sweet question. I've got two dubia colonies, each with the same heat pads which I just bought. Well, apparently I ordered these heat pads from a steel refinery, because they get hot. Almost too hot to rest my hand on. Clearly, this is far too hot for the roaches. I plan on going to Home Depot tonight to pick up some floor tiles to put between the cages and the heat mat. Do you think this would be sufficient enough to dissipate the heat? I plan on trying to find thick tiles, or at least stack two tiles together. I used to use bricks to this end, but for various uninteresting reasons, that's not an option anymore.

Interestingly, I didn't notice this for about a week. I only found out about this because I cleaned out the colonies this morning. I've got no significant deaths, even with this heat.