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Diplocentrus bereai

John Bokma

Old Timer
May 31, 2005
Picture of this scorpion: http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2005/12/17/new-scorpion.html

I was taking some pictures of it today in the evening, since I was hoping to get better ones compared to the one on my site at the moment.

I took the scorpion on my hand for a close up, and after 2 pictures, it somehow used its tail to get a grip since it was falling from my finger on the palm of my hand, and I got my first sting. In the beginning it felt a bit like a fat needle entering a little in my skin, and it hurt just a little, and after about 10-15 minutes I hardly feel a thing, just a hardly noticable tingling. Since it was just a grab to get hold sting, I doubt it was the real thing.

Scorpion is about 1 inch, and female, and maybe gravid {D

location: hand palm, below finger next to thumb (left hand). After 20 minutes the spot is a little red.

(will add link to better pics later)