Difficulty mating Lasiodora Parahybanas


Feb 14, 2017
So this is the situation. I've been trying to mate my male and female for almost 2months now. The problem is the male is a scaredy cat, and the female is an aggressive girl. The male is so scared that if I try to prod him on the abdomen with a paintbrush, he freaks out and runs away. The female on the other hand is alwaaaays aggressive. Every time I prod her she goes into threat posture. I don't know what to do. I think its hopeless to mate these two. But disclaimer, its been more than half a year since their last moult, they're both sexually mature, the male has made sperm webs before I try to mate him with the female, the female is also fed before mating, so I guess i'm following every procedure to mating but I don't know what's wrong. Maybe I missed something important? What should I do? Should I give up to mate these two?