Different care of Tonkinbolus dollfusi and (maybe) Ophistreptus guineensis?


May 7, 2017
I got a new species of millipedes. The vendor didn't know what species it is, but he ment, that I can keep them with T. dollfusi.
After searching in Shura Siglings book and internet I think, they are Ophistreptus guineensis. They are about 22 cm long, the body and legs are the same nice, brown color.
In Shura Sigling's book I read, that this species lives in shrublands, and they love high temperatures. Tonkinbolus dollfusi lives in warm, moist rainforest. So they have absolut different demands.
Am I right, when I think, Ophistreptus guineensis needs its own enclosure? At the moment they are in a separate small enclosure for quarantine and because I think it is not a good idea to put them into the enclosure of the dollfusis :confused:.
Some of the pics are a little bit dark, sorry. You know ... only two hands ^^.

comp_120170607_190527.jpg comp_120170607_185739.jpg comp_120170607_181253.jpg comp_120170607_181141.jpg comp_120170607_181125.jpg


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Jul 23, 2016
I have never kept that species, but it's great you did some homework. Sounds like you are making a good deduction. Sometimes the range a millipede can handle would include both habitats but I'd start them out separately and see where they do best. Congrats on a new great species!