Didn't expect...


Old Timer
Sep 14, 2008
To stumble upon one of the poems I wrote in 8th or 9th grade while foraging through and cleaning out my computer. Kind of pathetic and embarrassing but I thought it might give someone a good laugh. I can't remember what or if my teacher ever thought anything about it.

Pink Toe Tarantula

Black like night,
Fast like light:
Those piercing eyes;
The center of despise.

What did I do?
What else can I do for you?
You I cannot kill
And neither is it my will.

One of the most feared
And fewest endeared;
I feel alone
Or out of tone.

My webs I lay
Which work night and day:
A place to retreat
And a place to eat.

My many legs work
And no skeleton is no quirk,
Many eyes but no x-ray sight,
Be nice to me and I won’t fight.