Did my Jumping spider molt, or is it dead?


Sep 21, 2021
Hello everyone. This morning - Errr... Afternoon :rolleyes: - I woke up to my Jumping spider on it's back on the substrate of it's enclosure. I tried lightly touching it, and there was no response. It hasn't eaten for a few weeks (Despite me trying to feed it crickets (That I always remove at night in case it molts)) and, seemed to have difficulty being able to climb the side of its enclosure (Yesterday it was at the top, so I guess it could climb again?), so it could have been old age (It was wild-caught, so I'm not sure of it's age, but it was pretty tiny, so I assumed that it was young), But, it was staying inside it's webbing (Not it's nest, which it seemed to abandon) for a few days, so could it have molted, and be hiding somewhere in it's enclosure while trying to harden, and the molt just fell to the ground? The possible molt is the exact same color as the spider.

I'm really worried, I'd appreciate any response.