Depressed Centipede :rolleyes:


Nov 3, 2010
My centipede is acting lethargic and not his self. Normally, he digs a lot and is pretty active. He has been laying with some of his body in his water dish. My friends at work laughed when I said that I thought he was depressed. :8o I know that it's not likely, but I don't know a real reason that he'd be so different.

The last worm I fed him he didn't finish and then it started to grow fur... or mold... so I removed my centipede from that dirt and gave him new dirt. I'm not sure if that mold made him sick, or if he is sick of worms? Maybe he wants more water?

But he's not drinking the water, he is only laying in it. Maybe his temperature is not correct?

Any ideas? :?

PLEASE ... I don't want my centipede to die:confused:


Old Timer
Jul 8, 2007
Many invertebrates become lethargic and hang around humid areas when preparing to molt. I haven't had a centipede myself so I'm not sure if this behavior is typical of them pre-molt, but I'm sure someone can tell you.

Environmental conditions are equally likely. What IS the temperature in its enclosure, and how have you been caring for it? A species name would probably help the 'pede savvy people of the forum tell you have your husbandry is appropriate.