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Definition of "Sling"

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by JeffK, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. paul fleming

    paul fleming Arachnoangel

    I am a changed man.....no more handling.....no more arguing......don't know what else I can give up but I am trying to be a good all around spider/forum person.
  2. jayefbe

    jayefbe Arachnoprince Old Timer

    It's a Christmas miracle! I kid, I'm glad to hear it and will now stop giving you a hard time. I guess your name-change is a reflection of this personal development of sorts.
  3. Adversary

    Adversary Arachnopeon

  4. paul fleming

    paul fleming Arachnoangel

    Yes :)
  5. Tapahtyn

    Tapahtyn Arachnobaron Old Timer

    kk good just wanted to make sure i was using the right terms!
  6. paul fleming

    paul fleming Arachnoangel

  7. Google works wonders when one has a question.
  8. paul fleming

    paul fleming Arachnoangel

    Not so impressed now.....lol :rolleyes:
  9. JeffK

    JeffK Arachnopeon

    That makes better sense than the word "SLING" to describe a spider. Spiderling makes sense. No where in that paper does it mention the word Sling. Even using Spiderling Instar 1, Spiderling Instar2, etc... is more descriptive than SLING. Apparently from the 20+ responses this has gotten over 2 days it was of some interest. I wouldn't try to reinvent the way spiderlings are described, but maybe if there was some set system that everyone would agree to then it would be of better use when describing what you are trying to sell or buy. SLING seems to mean nothing more than a small spider.

    When I see SLING in an add is it 1/4 inch? 1/2 inch? or 2 inch? MAYBE 1 day old, 5 days old, 3 weeks old? Of course depending on what you are looking at Large vs Small T. it would mean different things, but the Word SLING tells me nothing except that it is small. There doesn't appear to be any system to describe what size or age the SLING is. MAYBE that is what the Vendor wants? They can sell you a hatchling (1-2 day old) for the same price as someone who sells theirs at 9 weeks.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2009
  10. Pedemonte Mario

    Pedemonte Mario Arachnopeon

    What about subsub adult? or is that only in Araneomorphae? :)
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