Defensive Behaviors


He Who Rules
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Jul 16, 2002
Hey All,

Was just wondering what kind of defensive behaviors other than turning around and biting you you may have seen in your pedes.

So far, I've come across two.

1. Tail Lashing - I've noticed this in Alipes sp. and in a bunch of S. heros castaneiceps babies that I've had.

2. Epileptic Seizures - The tanzanian copper I have will literally start wailing around it's enclosure. Just whipping madly about. It's almost actually thrown itself out of it's enclosure a time or two. I should really film it and put it up here somewhere one day.

Anyone notice any others or any other species that do either of these???


Henry Kane

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Jul 19, 2002
Yep, the tail lashing I've seen before. Also, raising the terminal legs very high up. From there I've seen the "terminal leg grab and strike" They grab whetever's pissing them off with the terminals and swing around and strike. That ones pretty freaky, especially because of how fast it all happens. I've witnessed one of my Hawaiian sub's to the "thrash and fling" where it spazzed so hard it actually flung itself out of the enclosure. One time, my Malaysian did a strange cobra like display, It raised about a third of it's body length with it's legs out on each side. I think it may have mistaken my movement for food. That just seemed a little more like "attacking prey" behavior than defensive.
They're frickin' great aren't they?:D


Mister Internet

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Aug 5, 2002
My heros castineiceps baby raises its terminals when it gets stressed... but, as the stress increases, he raises them higher! I swear somehow he can raise the last third of his body independent of the rest of his movement! :)

My Stone pede will just bury its head in the sand.... JUST its head. It seems to think that as long as it head's hidden, nothing can see it. :)

My Scutigera is just a psycho... it's not scared of anything. It's only defense is a good offense! :)