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Old Timer
Mar 25, 2007


First off let me tell you a bit about me. Im new to Tarantulas as far as slings, buying online and such. I used to keep Tarantulas in the 70's and just now getting back into it. Much has changed!

Now for death1's review!

As I said, Im new to the sling thing. Well death1 has been a huge help. I ordered 5 OBT's from him for a great price. I had questions and he gladly gave advice. I asked if he could hold off on shipping a few days and he was happy to. Got a pm with tracking number the day they were to go out. Just recieved them and to my surprise (an wifes dismay!) there were 8 OBT slings! The way these were packaged was top notch and very safe for the little monsters. I would not hesitate in a second to buy/trade with death1 again. He is an asset for this board no doubt.
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