Deadly tarantula girl

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gypsy cola

Jan 16, 2014
Reading through this I got a few questions/thoughts.

1. substrate. So what exactly is a good home for a tarantula? Experience keepers will say the enclosure itself is a burrow. When you take off the lid you are tearing off their burrow. So if the enclosure is low height and little sub but the tarantula is growing, alive, breeding, and it bad care? These spiders aren't puppies. Who are we to define the creature comforts with a tarantula?

2.experience. We need to keep in mind there are varying levels of experience and numbers here. Someone with hundreds or thousands of tarantulas are going to keep them differently than someone with a few dozen.

3.Enclosures. This goes along with 2. All my tarantulas are display T's. My collection never goes over 30 at a time. I hate shoeboxes/sweater boxes. I think they are hideous. Unfortunately this line of thought is a luxury. Once my collection hits 50, you can bet I will be buying sweater boxes/shoe boxes.

4.Arachnoboards. I feel some people forget that these boards are not the authority on tarantulas and there is no authority for tarantulas. There are plenty of experienced people who do not use these boards. The boards do have a hive mind. I remember people jumping on another user because they used sand for their enclosure but, it turned out to be a success.

Final thoughts. I do not like Deadly Tarantula Girl. Her voices drives me up the wall. She isn't the only youtuber out there with annoying voice. She has a video on a H.mac that truly shows off how gorgeous these T's are and is what sold me on one. She isn't the worst youtuber out there. I don't like the particular image she broadcasts but, I feel she is beneficial to hobby. I just don't like her and that is personal, not because of her work.

I got disliked once because I hesitantly recommended her once in a similar thread. You know. You take what you want from the videos you watch. I appreciate the underrated beautiful shots she takes of her spiders. Her care and advice is a different story, refer to 1.

I would love to hear her side of the story.
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