Dead Chinese Red Headed Centipede


Jun 2, 2017
I just came home from vacation and found my centipede, named Blondie, dead. So I had Blondie, for almost two months now. Within that period, I have seen it a total of four times. First time when I just got him, second time in the middle of the night, third time when I dug it up to feed it (a dubia roach) on August 10th, and fourth time today, dead. I haven't seen it since I fed it and before going away for vacation, I filled up the water bowl and left couple dubia roaches in a container in case Blondie got hungry. When I got home today, I found it propped up against the wall of the enclosure. At first I thought it was just out and about when I realized that I wasn't moving. That's when I opened up the enclosure and saw that several legs were broken off, both antennae missing and the body looked like as if it was squashed to death. Any idea what could have caused this death? IMG_8028.JPG


Old Timer
Jul 4, 2005
Was anybody else there when you were gone? If so, somebody might have taken a look and dropped hide on top of it. Or, you just don't know how old inverts are when you get them when they are already "big". It might have been old and died due to that.