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DawnSpider (www.tangledinwebs.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by IrminiaRC, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. IrminiaRC

    IrminiaRC Arachnopeon

    I have dealt with Tangled in webs. Got a 3 1/2 + P. irminia off them and a 3" A. avicularia. Both arrived the following day early and in great packaging. Dawn is amazing, always emailing to see how T is and showing concern to make sure it arrived in good health. Go the extra mile and provided me with a tracking number aswell last molt date.
    Definately on the top of my list. Great prices for larger T's aswell slings, a good variety. Couldn't have asked for a better place. Thanks Dawn. Tangled in Webs is a great dealer in Canada. Check them out. Wont be dissapointed. I couldn't think of one extra thing they could have done more to please me.
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  2. + positive +

    Dawn was very friendly and replied to my emails very quickly. I got a 3" Euathlus sp. yellow and a 3/4" Avicularia purpurea, the former was slightly smaller and the latter was slightly larger than indicated, but in both cases this was a good thing as the E sp looks like a male and the A purpurea is for a less experienced friend. Both arrived happy and healthy and were packaged perfectly!

    I would definitely recommend Tangled in Webs. Their prices on larger specimens(1"+) are quite competitive also, which is nice to see for those of us who have enough pill vials on our shelves!
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  3. My partner bought a 6" Phormictopus Cancerides from Tangled in Webs for my birthday last weekend. The T was big, energetic, and in perfect health. My partner has a mature female, so we can't wait to breed! Easily the best birthday gift I've gotten in awhile. Thank you, DawnSpider!!!
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  4. DawnSpider

    DawnSpider Arachnopeon

    Happy Birthday Mario,
    Am supper happy it was exactly what you wanted :) cannot wait for babies.... happy breeding :)
  5. I have been looking for a Lampropelma Violaceopes for a while now, and found them in Tangled in Webs price list . Unfortunately the specimen i ordered arrived dead due to unknown reasons, but Dawn handled the situation in such professional and friendly manner that prompted me to order an Cyriopagopus schioedtei sling as well. She was very understanding and replaced the dead sling and even covered the cost of shipment ( tho my circumstance was special). I received my orders today and both specimens were healthy. They have a lot of rare specimens and they have a top notch costumer service! I fully recommend them to everyone!
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  6. dooley

    dooley Arachnopeon

    Tangled In Webs - Toronto - Blown Away!

    I was searching for a new addition and noticed a new T provider. Tangled In Webs from Toronto. I called the number and instantly got in touch with someone. This was a great plus in my books. I hate it when you call a business and always get an answering machine. The lady I spoke with was pleasant and eager to help me. I was looking for a very specific species and she told me to contact Dawn.

    It was late so I decided to wait until the next day to contact her. I called and she picked up the phone (Big plus) She too was eager and very pleasant to deal with. The T I was after she had but not a mature female. I have not had much luck with slings. I thought another failed attempt. She then instead of saying I will contact you when I get one, offered a solution. She said she will sell me a sling (Not exactly what I was wanting to hear) include the enclosure and grow it until I can arrange to meet her. I was a little hesitant but like a big kid I want it now.

    Dawn provided me with all the care requirements and made sure I had everything I needed to ensure my new sling lives. She kept in contact every step of the way and has followed up after the sale to make sure everything is still good.

    I thank Dawn for providing me with a solution to my problem instead of just saying sorry we don't have what you are looking for. I can't wait to watch my new addition grow. (Knock on wood) I am confident with the new advice that I received that raising this sling will be no issue.

    I am looking forward to purchasing more T's from Tangled In Webs and cannot recommend them enough.
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  7. RoseK

    RoseK Arachnosquire

    Big thanks to Dawn for the lovely H. incei slings she sold me at the Reptile Expo outside Toronto on November 10th. They were a gift for a friend, and he was thrilled with them. Both were healthy little beasts and he plans to build a colony soon. Thanks again!
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  8. Positive A+++++
    I recieved my P.Metallica and G.Pulchra yesturday.
    All healthy and alive and my P.Metallica is in molt today.
    Good packaging with heat packs still hot after 2 days.
    With 70 emails back and forth,you can't get any better then that.
    I'll be doing buisness with Dawn in the future.
    And any questions i had was answerd.
    A++++++ seller and recommended.
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  9. Ghost Dragon

    Ghost Dragon Arachnopeon

    Tangled in Webs - ++positive++

    First came across Tangled in Webs last year, not long after they opened. Emailed Dawn back & forth over the summer, then met her at the reptile expo in Montreal in November, when my wife & I volunteered at her table. Such a sweetheart, even let us display one of our own T's from home, to help educate the public. She is definitely the epitome of an enthusiast: Trying to educate, rather than making a quick buck. Bought two T's from her that day: a 2.5" female B. emilia, and a P. irminia sling. As a thank you, she let us pick our choice of a B. albopilosum or P. regalis sling for free.

    Her displays were all neat & tidy, and it was immediately evident that ALL her T's were extremely well cared for. And best of all, Dawn has become a friend. :happy:

    I hope to get all my prospective T's from Tangled in Webs. :)
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  10. Ghost Dragon

    Ghost Dragon Arachnopeon

    Tangled in Webs - +++positive+++

    Was at the CRBE in Mississauga on the weekend, and bought a 2.5" female B. smithi from Tangled in Webs, that Dawn set aside for me a few months ago. Excellent service as usual, Phoenix is settling in as the newest addition to my collection.

    Thanks, Dawn. :)
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  11. iemmaamme

    iemmaamme Arachnopeon


    Dawn personally delivered my Ts to me after an expo in the next town over. She made sure to show me each of the 3 I ordered, which were all in excellent condition. Plus, they had run out of 3" Smithis so she gave me the next size up at no extra charge.Her prices are also very competitive! Dawn was very friendly & accommodating, it was an all-around good experience.
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  12. 100% Positive!

    I visited Dawn in person this afternoon to purchase a 3" female B. boehmei, 2 A. metallica slings and some crickets. She was very easy to communicate with, she was knowledgeable, she had everything I was looking for and she was very friendly.

    Also, when crummy weather conditions prevented me from making it to our original appointment (we were supposed to meet yesterday after 5 PM) she was very understanding and allowed me to reschedule.

    I will definitely be giving her more business in the future. Thanks for everything Dawn! :D
  13. Arachnomaniac19

    Arachnomaniac19 Arachnolord


    I recently purchased two spiders today. One, among other spiders, was mislabeled (Sold as a Psalmopoeus cambridgei but was, in reality, a Pamphobeteus sp. "Machalla"). Both of them came without air holes. I also oversaw her selling OW animals to a person who stated he was new to our hobby. Over all I'm very disappointed with this dealer and I do not plan to buy from her again, unless her business improves. I sincerely hope this was only a one time thing.
  14. DawnSpider

    DawnSpider Arachnopeon

    As I rarely visit this form, I apologize for this late response. You will need to clarify about the wrong transaction taking place. If you wish to contact us about this please do. Also you observed another transaction you felt was wrong? I do not judge people's abitities to own something based upon if they have ever own a tarantula before. I base it upon there skill, research, over all knowledge and what they currently own and age. The fact that at the same expo a 16 year old was sold deaths stockers by a know reputable dealer with out his parents consent, now that is down thing to complain about. As for air holes .... We travel 3000 km by car so the majority of our babies are in vial till we get to the expo, then two of each are transferred to deli cup that have more then enough fresh air for the 48 hours they are in then till we pack up again or they are sold and should be rehouse when you get home. I hope this helps and thank you for your feed back.
  15. Arachnomaniac19

    Arachnomaniac19 Arachnolord

    The other transaction would be completely subjective; I observe a few people who agree and disagree on a regular basis. If someone with no background on the care of animals that are close to OWs in behavioural aspects (or any other obvious aspect for that matter) wants to buy an OW T, I think that instead of selling it to them, a person should point them to another direction. There are plenty of NW Ts that are gorgeous and won't be likely causes of medically significant bites. Obviously a deathstaker is much more dangerous, but that doesn't negate the effects of OW venom on anybody, be it on a healthy 30 yo man or an old 70 yo woman.

    I still disagree with the air-hole debate. It's much more professional (in my eyes) to keep animals with air-holes. That way the animals are more content (ex: avics and their ventilation needs) and beginners who buy them, and may not rehouse them, will still have live animals after a week. I'm also used to getting animals with air-holes, so perhaps I'm carrying that train of thought over.
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