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Dave Grimm (theinvertshop.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by ScorpDemon, May 3, 2006.

  1. Low

    Low Arachnoknight

    Positive experiance.

    Ordered a spider from dave, she was shipped quickly and arrived quickly.
    Great packing, double boxed with a heat pack, loaded with poly-fill and a very cool little freebie.

    Thanks dave.

    I received the A. Moderatum from Dave and it was packed professionally. The Ts survived without a scratch even if it was shipped priority (my decision--coz i trust his shipping skills based on my previous dealings with him)... Ill definitely do business with Dave again in the future!
  3. Positive A+

    I recently purchased some slings and a large female from Dave. The communication was great, had a little misshap happened when i went to purchase the T's and money got sent to the wrong person but got it all worked out and i was able to send Dave the correct amount. He shipped out very fast and i got my T's in great shape, i wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Dave again.

    Thanks again Dave,
  4. Meezerkoko

    Meezerkoko Arachnoknight

    I had a great experience buying from Dave. He was very polite and helpful and my roaches arrived in great shape and extremely quickly. He also did a wonderful job with packaging and I've got a great starter colony of Dubias going.

    Thanks Dave!
  5. Awesome experience with Dave! I picked up a couple of girls (Aphonopelma 'Carlsbad Green' & G. pulchripes), a couple of A. chalcodes slings and some feeders (loads of overcount!!!). Shipped very professionally and perfectly packed from Oregon to Tennessee in 24 hours flat. Warm, friendly service. Will definitely buy from again. A+++++!
  6. Katerina

    Katerina Arachnopeon


    Dave's very helpful. Outstanding prompt communication + packaging. I'm glad I was able to make my first purchase from Dave Grimm. Spiderling was active once I slipped it into the deli cup. It ate it's first feeding roach just before the 24 hour mark since I've received it! I can tell it's pretty happy in it's new enclosure, not even a week has gone by and it's webbed up almost half of the container!

    Along with giving me some tips on how to care for and sharing some of his knowledge, Dave even shipped some dubia roaches to feed my new pet. I would recommend anyone new or old with this hobby to purchase from TheInvertShop.com!
  7. nikki9093

    nikki9093 Arachnosquire

    As always, he has gone above and beyond. Just taking the opportunity to publicly thank him. I ordered a few Ts from him in the last couple months and he really is a great guy. Awesome seller and the packing was outstanding. Like a pillow for the Ts. Lol. Heat packs stayed warm couple days AFTER I recieved the Ts. Lol. Thank you Dave. You rock!
  8. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I just purchase 4 A. moderatum thru Dave, he email me stating that he would ship on Wednesday, so I email him back telling him that I was fine with the shipping day. After Dave shipped the spiders he email me again with the tracking number, he also tells me that it would take two days for me to get my express box. I got concern for the spiders that they would be in the box for that long especially this time of the year. I received my box today and all four were fine, that made my day to see them alive! Dave, I know you have no control on when the express box will get to your customers so I just want to say thank you! For doing you part on packing the spiders safe.

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates
  9. positive A+

    Well I believe this is my third time doing businesses with David and I couldn't be happier. All 4 tarantulas came in great condition.

    Thanks again David!,
  10. I recently did business with David and not only was communication timely, but also informative. I ordered 3 T’s and all arrived earlier than expected, and packaged exceptionally. I think I was in as much awe over the packaging as I was of the specimens! He even sent Dubia roaches to feed my new pets. Overall an outstanding experience. Thank you, Dave!

  11. Absolutely 100% Positive!

    I received my order of B. dubia, Tiger, and Flat hissers from Dave today. I have to say packaging was superb. There was over count for each order! Dave was once again a great to deal with. Emails were answered timely and full of information! I am a very slow, but methodical consumer, wanting to know as much as possible about what I am purchasing and Dave rode out my decision making process like a gentleman! I feel like I can ask him about anything and if he knows the answer he will share his knowledge. I plan to do more business with him in the future! I would like to say thanks to Dave for working with me through it all!
  12. 8by8

    8by8 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Just got an order of dubias in today. Ordered 1000 with a few extra adults and he was very happy to work out a good deal with us. Good packing, quick response, no dead or skinny roaches. Will recommend Dave any time.
  13. CrystalRose

    CrystalRose Arachnopeon


    Helped my husband make his first online tarantula purchase smooth and easy. Box was packed VERY well and nice and toasty inside when it arrived. Even though we had a cold spell here the last few days. The B. Vagans was packed nice and snug in a deli cup with moist paper towels. She was packed safely in the middle and came out very healthy and active. My husband also ordered me some dubia and was given a very generous over count. I will definitely be watching to see what Dave offers in the future and would not hesitate at all to buy from him!! :biggrin:
  14. sweetypie

    sweetypie Arachnoknight


    Very good communication, and a great price as well on select species.
    The information and tips provided were excellent.

    Thank you for all the ideas and a proper transaction.
  15. CrystalRose

    CrystalRose Arachnopeon


    This is my second order with Dave and as with the first time everything was perfect. All T's were packed perfectly and nice and warm when they arrived. Even got a couple of freebies! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
  16. Rabid538

    Rabid538 Arachnoknight


    I received a package of Gromphadorhina oblongata recently and all arrived perfectly healthy and extras were included. Great transaction I would not hesitate to do business with Dave again in the future. Thank you!
  17. succinct

    succinct Arachnopeon

    Positive! The box was well-labeled and packed very carefully. All the roaches arrived alive and scuttling, and the slings looked like they'd been fed just prior to shipping. Way more roaches than the number ordered, got a few adults in addition to the nymphs. All healthy and well. The cats (and one of the humans) found the rustling roach box quite amusing. Surprise freebie even though it wasn't a large order.
  18. remainpositive

    remainpositive Arachnosquire

    Amazing, very well packed and quick shipping. Sent double the amount of dubia roaches than what I had ordered and not a single one dead. Outstanding prices as well!
  19. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Dave Grimm's new reviews can be found under "The Invert Shop" here.
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