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Dave Grimm (theinvertshop.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by ScorpDemon, May 3, 2006.

  1. DrSerpentine

    DrSerpentine Arachnopeon

    Positive, Positive, Positive:worship: Just received another order from Dave. Arrived in great time, in great shape and with a bonus! Highly recommend theinvertshop!

    Thanks again Dave
  2. MichiganReptiles

    MichiganReptiles Arachnobaron

    100% Positive!

    Just received B. boehmei and N. chromatus slings from Dave. Fast shipping. Great communication. Tarantulas arrived in perfect condition! He even included a small container of Dubia nymphs! I highly recommend doing business with The Invert Shop!

    Thank you, Dave!!!
  3. kevin91172

    kevin91172 Arachnobaron

    Davegrimm A++++++++

    Just got my sling today from Dave.He is so great to work with,he not alone gave me a deal I could not refuse but gave some feeder Dubia for my new Pokie.
    Packing was great and so was communication.And he shipped when he said he was going to ship.

    Will defiantly do business with him again,Hopefully in the near future.

  4. chica19

    chica19 Arachnopeon

    good dealer

    dave is a good dealer. ive gotten most of my tarantulas and my breeding pair from him and they were very healthy and the right species. well i always do some dealing with him.
  5. Midknight xrs

    Midknight xrs Arachnosquire

    Thanks Again.

    I must thank Dave again for coming through for a new hobbyist. Again, well packaged, more then I expected and quick as always. Just a small order of Blaptica Dubia nymphs and a couple of breeding pairs.

    I highly recommend him for any purchases as he is competitively priced and generous. Answers questions is is real easy to get answers.

    Thanks Dave.
  6. batest

    batest Arachnopeon

    Great guy to deal with!

    Just got 3 female B. emelia from Dave. He is very patient. Waited to ship til after I got back fraom vacation and then waited some more when I thought it was too hot to ship.
    Got them in great shape and am very pleased with the transaction.
    Don't hesitate to do business with Mr. Grimm, he will do you right!
  7. Frostbite

    Frostbite Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter


    I just completed a purchase from Dave. The spiders are awesome and the packaging was the best. And he gives a fantastic buy with freebies! I have nothing but praise for his bugs and his customer service! Thanks Dave!
  8. My first batch of roaches unfortunately got roasted in the mail. Dave quickly sent some replacements. Awesome seller!
  9. Great Service

    I have done a lot of buisness with Dave he has great products and does great buisness. I would highly recommend.
  10. Herpetologydude

    Herpetologydude Arachnosquire


    Got my first batch of roaches from dave and I'm very happy with the purchase! He was polite and understanding throughout the entire process as I didn't know how to use Paypal and he had to pretty much walk me through! My roaches arrived with few casualties and my T's and Lizards are loving them!
  11. mischiefhaze

    mischiefhaze Arachnopeon


    I ordered a 6" female P. pederseni from Dave last week.

    He shipped it out very fast to avoid higher temps this week. I haven't gotten an exact measurement yet, but she is definitely every bit of 6", and she is beautiful.

    Packing was probably the most thourough I've seen yet. Packing box inside another packing box. Plenty of cushioning outside the container with the T snug inside.

    He answered my questions fast through pm.

    All around, a great transaction. I would do business with Dave again.
  12. arachnotopia

    arachnotopia Arachnopeon


    Dave is a fabulous guy. I just got a pair of P. Platyommas from him, the deal was great, the packaging was outstanding, the spiders are beautiful, in great health. I will gladly do business with Dave again, in fact I would prefer it. Thanks again Dave!
  13. kspider

    kspider Arachnopeon

    Postive 1000 percent

    If you are thinking about buying a tarantula look no more. Dave has the best of bogth worlds packing and Ts. I have never been so happy before. Now I am, thank you dave
  14. bicky

    bicky Arachnopeon

    New B. Emelia

    My new b. emelia arrived today, perfectly packaged and in great condition. and he even threw in some dubias which is awesome (since i JUST started a dubia colony) will def. do business with Dave again!

    Thank yoU!!!
  15. Weird_Arachnid

    Weird_Arachnid Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Just got 5 C.faciatum. They were very active and healthy despite sitting in the post office overnight (lazy USPS made a false claim they attempted to deliver the package). Packing job and communication A++

    Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  16. Great seller!

    I ordered some spiders through Dave and everything came very quick with a very nice packing job and freebies tossed in to boot! this is one great seller!
  17. arachnotopia

    arachnotopia Arachnopeon


    I order some B.fusca roaches from Dave, they arrived in great condition, packaged great as always, I even had some freebies so I really appreciate Dave and I love buying from him.

    Thanks again Dave!
  18. dzoo

    dzoo Arachnopeon


    Got a beautiful shipment of roaches today. Packing was excellent! Bugs were excellent! Great prices! Dave was very easy to work with.
  19. Ceverie

    Ceverie Arachnopeon

    I ordered a Brachypelma emilia and she quickly arrived wonderfully packaged and alive. Some dubia roaches were thrown in free as well as a free Grammostola formosa baby (all of these also alive, though the baby was missing two legs). I am very pleased and excited with the quality of the shipment and my new tarantulas. :)
  20. nikki9093

    nikki9093 Arachnosquire

    just got my A. moderatums today! wow. i wasnt expecting two, but he sent me that! way cool. thank dave! you rock. packing was great, didnt have a tracking number sent but they got here no problem! awesome little ones! thank you thank you!
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