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Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatra Tiger"


Old Timer
Jul 2, 2008

The female was paired on 5/22/12 and the male was left with her overnight. I tried pairing her a few more times over the next couple of months but she was unresponsive towards the male and even tried to munch him. Her enclosure was kept on the damp side pretty much the whole way up to eggsac production. The eggsac was produced somewhere prior to or on 8/30/12 and was pulled on 10/7/12. At this point they were 1st instars. They began to darken up on 11/19/12 and 2nd instar was reached on 11/26/12. The temps were held between 65-80 during the whole process and the humidity within the incubator was near 100%. The final count was 117 spiderlings.