Cyriopagopus lividus Breeding (Video)


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Dec 6, 2015
Another successful breeding before the end of the year.

What a daring young fella, he was easily half the size of the female but still fearlessly braved the unrelenting fangs of his love. This female is by far my most hostile in my entire collection and I am both shocked and relieved on how receptive and calm she was. The females spastic grooming after pairing was quite entertaining as well, I had read in a couple papers that the genus is known for this but had never seen it for myself, quite unusual.

This Brings my current Breeding count up to:

B albopilosum
S calceatum

Paired and Potentially gravid:
B boehmei
B albopilosum (second female)
G sp "Northern Gold"

P striata

should be an eventful couple months coming up, im expecting the S calceatum in the next two months, the B albo in the next 3-4, and its my understanding that the lividus have a relatively short gestation as well, so we may see a sac from them somewhere in between.


Apr 8, 2016
Yeah I was spasming almost as much as the female when she started thrashing as I was trying to reach the tongs to be ready to split them.
Heheh there is rarely enough time for that with those spicy Asians. Blink and he's munched aha

Nice vid. Well done to the little fella :D