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Cyclosternum fasciatum


Sep 2, 2009
Cyclosternum fasciatum breeding

Mating: 21th July 2009.

Kokon laid: 08th Aug 2009.

Kokon opened: 04th Sept 2009. (L2)

First moult:28th Sept 2009.

Number of sling: 680

There were no bad eggs or died larvals.



Jul 20, 2010
Cyclosternum fasciatum breed report

very successfull

Female: 3 years old 9cm, legspan, setup in a sq tank 25cmx25cm!
mated: with two dif males 3 weeks apart! after 10 weeks from first mate i noticed female earthmoving! she had fattened up nicely! I then put a sq container in the one corner with some substrate in it! She then dug a hole next to container and covered herself in it! 2 days later i cut a small hole throug the webbing and saw her holding onto the sack!
I took the egg away 28 days later! I then opened the sack, they were eggs with legs! they then molted again 3 days later! they then molted into full spiders 10 days after that,
Total days from day egg was made to being fuul spiders--43 days!
I then separated them ---760 perfect spiders & 10 never molted properly!
Babies were between 0.7 & 1 cm in size!

I have also bread another smaller younger female (also mated with one of the males from above breed!) very similare prosess, she laid in the container i gave here though! times were very much the same, --420 babies!

Hope this might help sum1! if you want any other details like heat & water etc.. please drop me a msg!

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Apr 16, 2009
Cyclosternum fasciatum - Breeding Report

• Status - Success

• Genus - Cyclosternum
• Species - fasciatum
• Date female moulted last - 31/03/12
• Date male matured - Unknown
• Last mating date 02/06/12

• Mating behaviour -

Male was introduced into females enclosure numerous times without any luck initially (female kept chasing the male away).

I decided to try a pairing after 12pm on 18/05/12 and mating took place.

A couple of weeks later I tried a second pairing (02/06/12) again, after 12pm and mating took place again.

• Tank conditions and temperatures before mating -

Both male and female were kept in separate 3ltr RUB's temperatures throughout the day will of been roughly 26°C with a natural drop just below 20°C during the night, humidity roughly between 60-70%.

• Feeding schedule before mating -

Female was fed one medium brown cricket weekly.

• Tank conditions and temperatures after mating -

Same as before mating.

• Feeding schedule after mating -

Female was offered two medium brown crickets per week.

• Date eggsac produced - 20/06/12
• Date eggsac removed/hatched - 10/07/12 (Removed, all at N1 some were had gone bad so were removed)
• Development times of nymphs - 40 Days
• Total number of spiderlings - 128

• Additional notes -

Some photos of the pairings, nymphs & 1st instars.

First Pairing 18/05/12

Second Pairing 02/06/12

Female with the eggsac 20/06/12

N1's 10/07/12

N2's 23/07/12

1st Instar