Custom Art and Design for a T


Jan 30, 2011
Hello there Im am a freelance illustrator, digital artist, and spider lover.
I recently stepped into the hobby of Tarantula husbandry and wow its becoming quite addictive.

These animals have such a flirtatious appeal with their predatory stature and captivating presence. I currently have 3 Ts and Im looking to add a 4th T to my collection and
wanted to also see if any senior breeders in the community would be interested in a barter of custom art or design for a juvinile or Sub adult T.

I have over several years worth of professional experience in art and design, and have provide service in everything from 3D modeling, and design, to custom logos and banners for websites and blogs. If this sounds like something that meets your interest just let me know. If not please spread the word to a friend. :)

Some of the Genics im currently looking for our

Theraphosa stirmi (young F )

Pamphobeteus Antinous ( sling or Young F )

Xenesthis immanis

Nhandu vulpinus

Phormictopus cancerides ( sling or Young F )
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