Current Mite situation and debate


May 25, 2016
In the future, I aim towards running one adult enclosure with live plants, false bottom, isopods, etc just to say I gave it a shot. This is after all a hobby! There is certainly a learning curve that applies as well. If I am successful then I will most likely run a few more enclosures in a similar fashion. All else aside--> Keeping it simple seems to benefit the T and well as its keeper...I'm not huge into the baboon species...From an achievement & collection angle, I'd like to try the majority of the arboreals species being circulated. H. Mac :):):) Yeah... The poop is no fun... I typically take a disposable chopstick w/ paper towel wrapped at end, moisten it, then lightly press or rub off the excrement. Seems to work well. I'm sure it will be a different scenario when performing maintenance on 10g or 20g enclosure.

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cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
Oh BTW, as long as the mite population is low, just dry the enclosure out...They will congregate in the water dish, when they do, remove the water dish.