Curly hair tarantula tarantula vs Hamster


Old Timer
Jan 22, 2009
I agree, I brought my cat in for an eye problem and they gave her a big look over and told me I should probably also have another completely unrelated thing done which was £300-£500. I said I'll think about it then asked around to see what other people think. My boss told me they're just trying to make money off me.
Well, there's the other pro for keeping Ts - No vet bills ! No need to get them any kind of immunization, no need to have them spayed (pointless as they renew their spermathacae with every molt and males only gain their sexual apparatus at their ultimate molt), no need for routine checkups. Yes, Ts are definitely the way to go for me. If one of them suffers internal damage, there isn't much than can be done, and best to euthanize them humanely. Once that's done, one can try again with another sling/juvie and hope for better results.