Ctenidae sp.?? Need ID


Jul 10, 2010
Thank you for answer. ;) Actually I know a little about Ctenidae spp. I have some of Cuppienius, Viridasius and Phoneutria species.

I forgot to say that spider come form Bolivia.

For now I find out using "Wikipedia" that there are about 12 species Ctenidae live in Bolivia:
1. Ancylometes bogotensis (Keyserling, 1877) — Nicaragua to Bolivia
2. Ancylometes concolor (Perty, 1833) — Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina
3. Ancylometes hewitsoni (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897) — Bolivia, Brazil
4. Centroctenus irupana Brescovit, 1996 — Bolivia
5. Ctenus bolivicola Strand, 1907 — Bolivia
6. Ctenus inaja Höfer, Brescovit & Gasnier, 1994 — Peru, Bolivia, Brazil
7. Ctenus maculisternis Strand, 1909 — Bolivia, Brazil
8. Ctenus saltensis Strand, 1909 — Argentina, Bolivia
9. Nothroctenus lineatus (Tullgren, 1905) — Bolivia
10. Nothroctenus marshi (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897) — Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia
11. Parabatinga brevipes (Keyserling, 1891) — Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay
12. Viracucha andicola (Simon, 1906) — Bolivia

but it's very difficult to find a picture of Them especially with my english... In polish language there are no information about it. It's also possible that this is the undiscovered species. If you find out somethink I would be grateful.



Old Timer
Dec 30, 2008

bad pictures. Can you make pictures from the undersite and the eyes?

Doesn`t look like Ancylometes, Phoneutria, Cupiennius. Ctenus? Thats everthing that gets selled by a regular base. Everthing else in Ctenidae is something that none of the Hobbyists or Importers can id by a pictures.

If I look at the ctenidae ex kenia and a few more that are present and not id`ed till yet, but bred more than once, I think none of the hobbiest can ID uncommon ctenidaes... There are many generas in this family and without the papers and a bit more working on this family I say No Chance to make a golden goal with this pictures.